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        Corporate Brief Introduction Zhejiang Fine Motion Robot Joint Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Fine-Motion Tech) was established in 2020 with capital injection from Zhejiang Shuanghuan Driveline Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Shuanghuan Company), the controlling shareholder. Fine-Motion Tech is specialized in robot joint high precision reducer, high precision hydraulic parts development and industrialization, gear and transmission system design and manufacture, test analysis and fault diagnosis, strength life and other fields of research and provide technical services. As a new technology driven enterprise and a new national high-tech enterprise in 2021, with more than 10 years of experience in intensive cultivation in the field of precision transmission, Fine-Motion Tech is committed to conquering the "bottleneck" of core technology in the field of precision reducer in China, aiming to break technological monopoly, and accelerating domestic substitution. 

        Since its establishment, Fine-Motion Tech regards the construction of talent team as the basis of company development. At present, number of its employees already hits 200, including 4 doctors and post-doctors, more than 15 senior titles, and more than 30 undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

        Fine-Motion Tech has 20000 square meters constant temperature controlling workshops, specialized for robot precision reducer, in which several professional high accuracy intelligent manufacturing production & assembly lines and more than 60 units high precision machining and precision testing equipment, professional performance analysis of materials, heat treatment, the intensity of life laboratory, as well as functional comprehensive performance and fatigue life laboratory. The predecessor of Fine-Motion Tech - Research Institute of Shuanghuan Company, was the implementation subject of 2 national projects, one is "863 High-Tech Program", which is the "RV Reducer Development and Application Demonstrati

It has a constant temperature processing workshop of 20000 square meters
Domestic market share of robot high-precision cycloid planetary reducer for many years
Customized high-grade materials for special operating conditions of the reducer
Whole process
Realize the closed loop of the whole process from positive design, manufacturing, assembly, detection, test and market application of the precision reducer
Sustainable Development
Guided by customer demand, the company continued to increase investment in R & D technology research to ensure the sustainable development of environmental technology business
Development course
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  • 201306
    Team formation
    Establishment of core founding team of high precision reducer


  • The first prototype goes offline

    First prototype
  • 201506
    Intelligent manufacturing project

    Project support

  • Supporting strategic agreement

  • 201610
    863 Program
    National 863 project support

    863 R & D plan

  • Mass marketing

    Bulk sales
  • 201612
    Participate in product promotion of industrial exposition

    Product introduction

  • Bulk order

    Sales breakthrough
  • 201810
    Key products
    R & D and upgrading of new generation robot reducer

    Product upgrade

  • Market share No.1

    Domestic reducer has the first market share
  • 202005
    Zhejiang Huandong Robot Joint Technology Co., Ltd


  • Identification of small and medium-sized branches at provincial level

  • 202111
    High and new
    It has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise

    National High Tech accreditation

  • Break 100000 reducers

Corporate Culture & Concept
    More precise, More reliable, More quiet
    Create value for customers, Create opportunities for employees, Create profits for shareholders, and Create benefits for society
    [core values]
    To be the most reliable supplier of robot reducer
    [enterprise spirit]
    Continuous improvement is a never ending
    [Technical Concept]
    It is committed to conquering the "bottleneck" core technology in the field of precision transmission in China, breaking the technological monopoly and accelerating the domestic replacement of products
    [quality concept]
    Be meticulous, Keep improving
    [business philosophy]
    Seek survival by quality, Pursue efficiency by management, Keep development by innovation
    [management philosophy]
    Emphasizing methods, Seeking practical results, Emphasizing humanism and Promoting innovation
    [service concept]
    Careful, Professional, Agile and Efficient
    Fine Motion, Fine Performance
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